Texas International Flight 655
Convair 600  N94230  MSN 56
27 September 1973

Second Expedition: 28 September 2002


N94230 as it appeared in Tyler, TX on 30 June 1973, just three months before the crash. Photograph by Jeff Mullowney. Used with permission.

Approaching the crash site.  Rough country......the tail (white star on blue background) is just visible to the left of center.  Can you spot it?
On this expediton, we were accompanied by Charles Hadlock from KTBS-TV (the ABC affiliate in Shreveport, LA).  He did a feature on the crash and our wreckchasing efforts.  The feature was later uploaded to the video sharing site YouTube and is available below.
 A  section of forward fuselage found near the tail section.
 A wing front spar at an engine nacelle (probably #2?) showing evidence of the small fire that erupted after impact.  The chrome on the main gear strut is still clean and shiny.
 The debris field is a cacophony of airplane parts.  Here, a landing light assembly shares space with an armrest.
 Looking eastward over the site.  The empennage and an engine nacelle are prominent in the center.
 Lower section of the main entry stairs.

 First Expedition
03 August 1997
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