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Resources for the Aviation Archaeologist
Civilian Aviation

National Transportation Safety Board  Public Inquiries Branch, 800 Independence Avenue S.W., Washington, D.C. 20594 - Check out the database of aircraft accidents from 1962, plus listings of major accidents, and online reports in Adobe Acrobat format.  Write to them to request a specific accident report.
Federal Aviation Administration - Lots of safety information, and an incident database for each aircraft type for the last ten days. 
Logbook Magazine -  A quarterly magazine covering the entire spectrum of aviation history.  Their stories come from the people who lived them, not simply from professional writers.
The DeHavilland Comet Homepage - I don't believe that DeHavilland maintained a better archive of information on their own airplanes!  Includes a wealth of info on Comet hull losses.
Plane Crash Info.com - Several databases including the Worst of the Worst, accident photos, statistics, and CVR information
Flight Safety Foundation Accident Prevention - Want the last word in what happened to cause an accident?  FSF's magazine is the source.  Back issues are online in Adobe Acrobat format.
Aviation Safety Network - A must see site!  To keep on top of aviation safety issues, and even be notified of accidents worldwide by e-mail, this is the place to go.
Aircraft Crashes Record Office - From Switzerland, an excellent collection of photographs and information on accidents worldwide.
Military Aviation

USAAS/USAAC/USAAF/USAF Serial Numbers 1922-Present

USN and USMC Aircraft Serial Numbers--1917 to Present

Extensive listings of all known serials.  Fates are listed when known.

Serial Number Search Engine  Can search by description, aircraft type, or serial/bureau numbers.

Canadian Military Aircraft Serial Numbers - 1914 to present
The U. S. Army Air Forces In World War Two - With forums, databases and research tips covering all aspects of the USAAF.  (added 29 August 2006)
Department of the Navy Policy Regarding Custody and Management of Sunken Naval Vessels and Aircraft Wreck Sites
Navy Aircraft As Artifacts - An outstanding article from Robert S. Neyland and David Grant.
Sunken Warships and Military Aircraft - by J. Ashley Roach, Captain, JAGC, U.S. Navy (ret.), Office of the Legal Adviser, U.S. Department of State A discussion on the importantance of preserving wreck sites.
Elevon - Aviation on the Internet -  The comprehensive online resource; includes the Encyclopedia of US Military Aircraft from Joe Baugher, and an extensive Military Aircraft Database from Emmanuel Gustin.  (updated 16 November 2008)
AeroFiles - Need info on a particular type of airplane?  This is the place to go! Formerly Aero Data Files. 
Pacific Wreck Database - This is the place to go for information on World War Two wrecks in the Pacific Theater of Operations, bases, and more!
Department of the Air Force, Air Force Safety Center, 9700 G Avenue S.E., Kirtland AFB, NM 87117-5670 - Write to them to request the accident report concerning post-1955 crashes involving Air Force aircraft.  These reports will be edited for content, and will not tell you what actually happened to cause the crash.  For unedited pre-1955 reports, contact Craig Fuller at AAIR
Department of the Air Force, Air Force Legal Operations Center - This site contains a list of Class A mishaps or accidents involving US Air Force aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, space systems, and missiles as well as summaries from the associated Accident Investigation Board (AIB) reports.  (added 16 November 2008)
Department of the Air Force, Air Force Rescue Coordination Center - New link to the Crash Locator files.   (updated 16 November 2008)
Department of the Air Force, Air Force Historical Research Agency  600 Chennault Circle, Bldg 1405 Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6424
Department of the Army, Commander, U. S. Army Safety Center, Attn: FOIA Office, Building 4905, 5th Avenue,  Ft. Rucker, AL  36362-5363 - For reports concerning Active Army, ARNG, and Army Reserves assets.  These are also edited for content, but the last one I ordered was still in excess of 200 pages!
Department of the Navy, Naval Historical Center, 805 Kidder Breese Street SE, Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5060 - For Navy Department accident reports prior to 31 December 1969.
Other Resources

American Aviation Historical Society - The American Aviation Historical Society was founded in 1956 as a non-profit educational organization.  The primary objective of the organization is the preservation and dissemination of the rich heritage of American aviation.  The Society maintains an extensive collection of books, documents and photographs that are available to members researching any topics of interest.  (added 12 March 2007)
The National Archives - Online access to Archival Databases.  (added 29 August 2006)
Abandoned and Little-Known Airfieldsinformation on vanished or abandoned airfields and little-known airfields with unusual histories.
Open and Closed/Inactive Listing of Airports/Airfields - Nine databases containing active and closed airfields in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, CAA/FAA Intermediate airfields and a listing of World War II (1940-45) airfields in the US.
Coordinate Translator - Part of the JeepReviews.com website.  Translate between several options of expressing coordinate locations: decimal, NAD27, etc. (updated 16 November 2008)
Historical Map and Chart Project - From NOAA, contains a searchable database of several types of maps and charts (including political maps, aeronautical charts and relief maps) dating to the early 20th century for many parts of the United States.
Madden's Air Transportation Safety Resources - A comprehensive resource of aviation safety information, including a bibliography.   (updated 16 November 2008)
Robin's FYI Aviation History Section - Probably the most extensive collection of aviation history related links on the web!  Check out Robin's other aviation areas too!
TopoZone - The Online resource for USGS topographic maps!  Enter a location or coordinates, and let TopoZone show you the way.
TerraServer - After you have found the topo, why not pull up the satellite photograph?  Covers most of the US and Europe.

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