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NOTS, NAF, VX-5, VX-9, NWC, NWS, NAWD etc. accidents, incidents &SOC's - A list of mishaps at the Naval Ordnance Test Station and Naval Aviation Facility China Lake.  (Added 16 November 2008)
Aircraft Mishaps at RAF Upper Heyford - From a memorial site to the USAFE base.  (Added 16 November 2008)
Aircraft Wrecks in the Catskills - Charles Hayden has compiled information from several sources, mainly geocachers, on aircraft wreck sites in the Catskill Mountains.  These include a T-33, a B-25, and a number of GA sites.  
(Added 25 July 2007)
Hawaii Aviation Preservation Society - Dedicated to preserving Hawaii's aviation heritage by researching and recording the aviation history of the Hawaiian Islands.
B-17 Found in Croatian Waters -  An article from the August 2004 issue of Divernet Magazine on B-17G 44-3360.     (updated 16 January 2007)
Lake Mead's B-29 - From InDepth Consulting, this page has underwater photography of a (very intact) B-29A at the bottom of Lake Mead.
Crash Sites around Area 51 and the Nellis Ranges - A listing of airplane (mostly fighters) crash sites since the late 1970s.
The Bear Swamp Hill Airplane Crash - An article from the New Jersey Pinebarrens about the crash of an F-105 Thunderchief in January 1971.     
(updated 19 December 2007 )
Aviation Crash Sites -  From the Lazy G Ranch in California.
Southern California Airplane Wrecks - Part of the California Wreck Divers website. Several of the entries are still under construction, but see the P-38 and Grumman Guardian entries.(Updated 29 August 2006)
NOVA Online/Vanished! - The online companion to the 30 January 2001 broadcast of the program about the disappearance of an Avro Lancastrian airliner in the Andes mountains in 1947, and the discovery of the wreckage 50 years later.
B-47 Plane Crash into Wright Peak of Adirondacks -Memorial page to 1LT Rodney Bloomgren, whose Stratojet crashed 16 January 1962
B-18 Bomber Crash on Mt Waternomee - The December 1942 crash of a B-18 in the mountains of New Hampshire.
B-26 "Times A'Wastin'" - The 10 December 1942 crash of a B-26 in Labrador that went undiscovered for four months.
"Ski Herks" - A part of the VAQ34.com website, a production listing of LC-130 Hercules aircraft.  Several LC's crashed on the ice, and pictures of the sites can be found.
The C-130 that crashed and flew again - On 4 December 1971, LC-130F BuNo 148321 crashed in the Antarctic.  The aircraft was recovered and refurbished to fly again in 1988.
Underwater Atmospheric Systems, Inc., Projects - Several underwater finds, documented by photography.  See their news page for the interesting recovery of a safe.
The Crash of Buzz One Four -  Newspaper accounts and a gripping story of the crash of a B-52D in 1964 after the tail is wrenched off during severe turbulence.
B-24D "Lady Be Good" 4 April 1943 - A site, from the U.S. Army Quartermaster Graves Registration, dedicated to the mysterious crash of the bomber lost on a run to Naples.
"Lady Be Good" - The U.S.A.F. Museum page with photographs not seen elsewhere.
Sea Tech Exploration Projects - Underwater explorations of a B-17, a B-25, and a P-47 off the coast of Corsica.  (Updated 29 August 2006)
Peak District Air Crashes - A site documenting aircraft crashes in the Peak District near Manchester, England.
Military Aircraft Crashes In Australia During WW2 - Crashes, mishaps, prangs, crash landings and missing aircraft.  See the "Australia @ War" at the bottom of the page for even more!
Michael McFadyen's Scuba Diving Web Site - Devilfish Diving Services.  Link is to his listing of articles on dives.  Scroll thru the list for articles on:  B-17E 41-2420 "Bessie, Jap Basher", a Consolidated PBY, a ditched Cessna 402, a Mitsubishi Zero, and more!      (Updated 19 December 2007)
B-17C  40-2047 - From the Aero Vintage Books website.
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