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Dedicated Aviation Archaeology Sites
North America
Aviation Archaeological Investigation and Research - The Ultimate wreckchasing site in the US.  Visit crash sites, follow a memorial project, and learn about aviation archaeology.  This is the place to look for military aviation accident reports up to 1955.
Warbird Crash.com - Tony Mireles' gateway site for his outstanding three-volume "Fatal Army Air Forces Aviation Accidents 1941-1945" available from McFarland Publishers.  (added 25 July 2007)
Arizona Wrecks - From Christopher and Cameron Baird, the "Heat Exhaustion" brothers!  A fine site well worth the time to see it all.
Lostbirds -A professional organization of aviation archaeologists.  Check out their video and quarterly magazine.

One Of Our Planes Is Missing: Gertrude V. Tompkins, WASP - The Ongoing, Heart wrenching search for the only member not accounted for.

Wreckchasing.com - From Nicholas A. Veronico and Pacific Aero Press.  Visit crash sites and learn what Aviation Archaeology is all about.  There are many of us (including me) who are involved in wreckchasing because of his books.
Nebraska's Fatal Air Crashes of WWII - An amazing amount of research in a short time by Jerry Penry on 54 fatal crashes.   (added 19 December 2007)
Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North - Unique and interesting plane wrecks in Canada and Alaska.  
Rick Baldridge's Photo Gallery - Hosted on Flickr, Rick's gallery of photos from wreck chases; along with other facets of his life.  (updated 19 December 2007)
The Woodser.comAdventures in SoCal.  Check out his other pages along with his Wreckchasing stories.  And watch out for bees!  (added 21 September 2006)
MtFlyer's Photo Gallery - From Joe Idoni in California, wonderful photos of his wreckchasing exploits. A must see!
Kodiak Alaska Military History - From "Crusty Old Joe"!  A collection of mishaps in Alaska.
Toterman Canyon Jet Crash - Research into the crash site of an F-15 in the Sheep Range north of Las Vegas, NV.
The X-Hunters Aviation Archaeology Team - Investigating the wrecks of some well-known (and some not so well-known!) experimental aircraft in the Mojave.
Virginia Wreckchasing Organization - A project to place memorials at crash sites on the east coast.
Aviation Archaeology in Maine - Pete Noddin's site documenting the efforts of aviation archaeologists preserving Maine's aviation history.  His humor page is great!      (updated 9 July 2007)

B-52 Crash on Elephant Mountain - Durward J. Ferland, Jr's article and pictures preserved on a website from a fine lady named Joan.

WWII Crash Sites, Wrecks, and Mishaps in Arizona - one section of the P-38.com website from Chris McDoniel.

West Mojave Aviation Archaeology - Wreckchasing around Edwards AFB. 
Monongahela River B-25 - On 31 January 1956, a TB-25 ditched in the Monongahela River near Homestead, PA.  The airplane sank and was never found.  One of Pittsburgh's "intriguing, enduring, and challenging mysteries". 

The B-25 in the Mon: For Further Reading is a complete bibliography from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.
Arizona Aviation Archaeology - Trey Brandt's site of military aircraft from World War Two through the Cold War. 
Aircraft Wrecks in Southern California - Chris Killian's extensive effort to document crash sites in this area.
The Spirits of Keller Peak - B-26 40-1475 crashed during a training mission.  This site really shows what aviation archaeology is all about.
Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of California - Don Jordan is an associate member of AAIR.  Very thorough documentation of California crash sites.     (Updated 17 January 2007)
The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery - TIGHAR  is the world's leading aviation archaeological organization!  Track the search for Amelia Earhart, look for the lost treasure of hidden German aircraft from World War Two, and much more.
Colorado and Wyoming Wreckchasing - A new site from Ron Miller!  Loads of information and great pictures of crash sites in the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming.
Aircraft Wrecks In The Mountains and Deserts Of The American West 1909 - 2000 - The name says it all!  From G. Pat Macha.
Department of the Navy: Underwater Archaeology Branch - Details of a couple of aircraft underwater, including the search for the identity of a crashed B-29.
B-25 Crash on Sharp Top Mountain, Virginia - The story of the mysteries surrounding the loss of a Mitchell bomber and her crew.  (updated 16 November 2008)
SB-17G  44-85746 - A Search and Rescue Fortress crashes while en-route to find a missing airlifter. From the Aero Vintage Books website.

SB-17G  44-85746 - Another site dedicated to the crash of the Fortress in the Olympic National Forest.  Many excellent photos.  The photos take a bit to load, but are well worth the wait!
The P-38 Crash SiteA collection of AAF crash report photographs of various Lightning accidents.  (added 15 October 2006)

United Kingdom and Ireland

East Anglian Aircraft Research Group - An association of aviation archaeologists in the eastern counties of England.  More than a dozen sites are documented here!
Ramsbury At War - Part of a larger website from Roger Day, documents WW2 crash sites around Wiltshire, England.
Thameside Aviation Museum - The home of aviation archaeology in Essex from Colin Wingrave.  Very impressive site!
Air Crash Investigation and Archaeology (was: North East England Aircraft Crash Research) - Jim Corbett's ultimate guide to aircraft crash sites in the United Kingdom.  A top-notch site! (Updated 29 August 2006)
Lancashire Aircraft Investigation Team - A group that performs in depth research into aircraft accidents in North West England.

Continental Europe

Aeroplane Crash Sites of Lapland - World War Two aircraft wrecks in Northern Finland and Norway.
The Aircraft M.I.A. Project - A group of researchers on Poland who collect information on USAAF aircraft that crashed in Polish territory during World War Two.
Flyvrak - World War Two Wrecksites in Norway.     (Updated 17 January 2007)
Belgian Aviation History Association - Documenting the story of World War Two aviation in Belgium.
Lend-Lease on airforce.ru - See the articles section for stories on wrecks of aircraft being ferried on the lend-lease routes.  (added 28 May 2007)

Australia, Asia, and Pacific

MIA Recoveries - Locating and documenting World War Two crash sites in the China-Burma-India theatre.   (added 16 November 2008)
Pacific Wrecks Database - The resource for researching crash sites along the Pacific Rim.  Accounts of numerous crashes and even a DVD of the B-17 Swamp Ghost.
The Swamp Ghost - A site from Justin Taylan dedicated to the B-17 Swamp Ghost which crashed in, and later recovered from, the jungle of Papua New Guinea.  (added 29 August 2006)
Broken Wings - Underwater Aviation Archaeology - A study of historic aircraft wrecks as archaeological sites.  (added 28 May 2007)
The Missing AirCrew Project - Dedicated to the memories of the ten crew members of the Coleman B-24 Crew shot down by a Japanese fighter over Yap Island, in the Caroline Islands chain. (added 1 January 2007)

The Bent Prop Project - The continuing search for MIA aircraft and crews from World War Two in the Republic of Palau.

B-24 #42-40646 "Alley Cat" - The investigation and research of a B-24 that crashed on Guadalcanal in 1943.

Resources on the Marshall Islands - A prime resource from Dirk Spennemann of Charles Stuart University. Make sure you click on both the "Japan" and "USA" sections for features on crash sites and some innovative 'reuse' of aircraft parts.  (Updated 29 August 2006)


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