Bell UH-1H Iroquois
68-15644     28 September 1973
Near Prescott, Arkansas


A UH-1 similar to the one that crashed while on a search mission.  (USAF Photo)

     Early in the morning of 28 September 1973, a flight of two "Huey" helicopters were dispatched to Texarkana to participate in the search for Texas International Flight 655, which had mysteriously disappeared the evening before.  They encountered fog, and 15644 crashed during a formation turn.  The helicopter impacted nearly vertically nose-down, and an explosion and fire resulted.  There were no survivors among the three man crew.

     This is an upcoming expedition for Oklahoma Wreckchasing.

Lest we forget:
Captain John L. Bearden, 33
Captain William R. West, 31
Specialist 6 David M. Webb, 32

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