North American TB-25J Mitchell
44-31183      29 January 1946
Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma

The Crash Site Today
(1 August 2004)

Will Rogers Field has changed considerably over the years.  The pond where the Mitchell came to rest has been drained, and Runway 31/13 has been extended so that the end is only 1000 feet from where the pond used to be.

A view looking NW towards the approach end of 31 from the approximate location of the crash site.


Extensive grading and reworking of the landscape has changed the look of the area.  This view looks SE at the approximate location of the crash site.  This section of the airport is used as a hay lease.


L to R:  Jeff and Jennifer Wilkinson of Oklahoma Wreckchasing; Peter Dowds, WRWA Airport Operations; Bob Shepherd, son of the flight engineer seriously injured in the crash.


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