North American TB-25J Mitchell
44-30007     17 November 1947
Mt. Magazine, Arkansas

     During the expedition to find the crash site of an AT-6C Texan 42-3959  on Mt. Magazine, Arkansas, we came across the cowling of another fine North American product.  We were unsure of where the cowling came from, since we hadn't heard of a Mitchell crash on the mountain.  So we featured a photo of the cowling on the Texan page and hoped someone would help us out.

    I later received an email from the daughter of the men killed in the crash.  She was able to give me details I hadn't found elsewhere.  Imagine my surprise when I looked in the newspaper archives and found an article which described the crash as being that of a B-29!  Was that a typographical error?  Or was there yet a third crash on that part of the mountain?  It was indeed a typo; a copy of the accident report confirmed the airplane type and serial number.

    Armed with the info from the crash report, we will probably make another trip to the crash site for a more thorough survey.


     So, what happened to the B-25?  According to the crash report, the airplane was on a routine administration flight with two crew and four passengers on board.  Originating in Chicago, IL,  the flight was cleared to Barksdale Field, near Shreveport, LA.  The airplane crashed on Mt. Magazine, AR, nearly seventy miles off course.  Weather at the time was described as being light rain.  There were no survivors.
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