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Oklahoma Wreckchasing has been involved in aviation archaeology since mid-1997.  Currently based in Oklahoma City, we have in our files details of several hundred civilian and military aircraft mishaps, the earliest dating from the early 1920s.  Our area of research consists of the states of Oklahoma and Arkansas.

While we will share general information about a particular accident, it is the policy of Oklahoma Wreckchasing to not divulge the exact location of most accident sites to the general public.  This is done to protect the sanctity of the sites as well as protect the privacy of the landowners.

We would like to hear from people who know of historical aircraft crashes or of places with a tie to aviation.

The mission of Oklahoma Wreckchasing is three-fold:
  • To preserve aviation history through the study of aircraft accidents and historical locations,
  • To view historical aviation accidents and locations in the context of cultural history, and
  • To highlight the lessons learned, and improve aviation safety through education.

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